Meeting point: Common Room G 117/119

Friday, December 15
Room G 308
9.30-10.30 E.Filimonova
Universal irregularities of personal pronouns (browsing through the Universals Archive)
10.30-11.10 V.Elsik
Suppletive patterns in 1st and 2nd person pronouns
11.10-11.50 Tea and coffeebreak
11.50-12.30 F.Plank
Competing motivations for pronominal paradigms: markedness, conflict resolution, recent inheritance
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.40 G.Fenk-Oczlon
Personal pronouns in Slovenian, Chiquitano, and Navaho
14.40-15.20 H.Haberl & R.Hanson
Gender specification in inclusive pronouns: an analysis of Nama
15.20-16.00  Tea and coffeebreak
16.00-16.40  A.Kibrik
Verbal agreement and referential strategies in Svan
16.40-17.20  E.Roma
How verb inflection and pronouns have interacted in the history of Irish

Saturday, December 16
Room G 307
10.00-10.40 M.Daniel
Five false truths about plural personal pronouns
10.40-11.20 Y.Ono
Constitution of the 1st person plural as a hidden category for obviation and deictic organization of expressions (with particular reference to Japanese in comparison with inverse systems)
11.20-11.50 Tea and coffeebreak
11.50-12.30 K.Cormier
Distribution of inclusive/exclusive distinction in signed and spoken languages
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.40 M.Cysouw
Explicitness lost: homophony between inclusive/exclusive and other person categories
14.40-15.20 H.Simon
Are YOU and the OTHER(S) truly divorced? - Sifting the evidence for second person inclusives and exclusives
15.20-16.00 Tea and coffeebreak
16.00-16.40 W.Schellinger
Inclusivity, dual number, and marriage mode: Father Schmidt revisited
16.40-17.20  Hany Babu
Pronouns in Malayalam