Universität Konstanz
Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft
SFB 471 "Variation und Entwicklung im Lexikon"

Funding Period 1st of January 1997 - 31st of December 2008







Languages Studied

Language family Language
West Germanic English, German, Dutch and their early stages particulary Old English, Old High German, Middle High German, Middle Dutch, Early New High German, Upper German dialects (Alemannic: Thurgovian, Grison [Bündnerdeutsch], Bernese, Bodensee Alemannic, Bavarian) Franconian dialects (Central, Mosel-, Ripurian), Ruhrdeutsch.
North Germanic Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Old Icelandic.
Slavonic Russian, Sorbian, Molise Slavic, Burgenland Croatian.
Baltic Lithuanian.
Albanian Albanian.
Romance French, Italian, Rumanian, Sardinian, Spanish (Iberian, Canarian, Caribbean: Dominican, Puerto Rican and Cuban), Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Galician, Leonese, Asturian, Aragonese, Catalan, Occitan, Francoprovençal, Rh(a)eto-Romance (Romansh and Ladin), Old French, Old Spanish, Old Catalan, Old Occitan, Old Francoprovençal.
Indo-Aryan Bengali, Urdu/Hindi.
Uralic Samoyedic, Finnish, Ugric, Yukaghir.
Altaic Turkish, Tungusic, Korean.
Latin Latin.
Greek Greek.

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