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Publications / Conference papers 2007


Bayer, J. & E. Brandner (to appear a) Wie oberflächlich ist die syntaktische Variation zwischen Dialekten? Doubly filled Comp revisited. In: Patocka, F. & G. Seiler (eds).

Bayer, J. & E. Brandner (to appear b) On wh-head-movement and the Doubly-filled Comp Filter. In: Proceedings of WCCFL 26. Cascadilla Press.

Brandner, E. (to appear) Patterns of doubling in Alemannic. In: Barbiers, S. et al (eds). Microvariation in syntactic doubling. Elsevier.

Conference papers

Bayer, J. & E. Brandner. On wh-head-movement and the Doubly filled Comp Filter. WCCFL 26, Berkely, California, 27.-29.4. 2007.handout paper

Bayer, J. & E. Brandner. On the flexible nature of the left periphery. BCGL2: Alternatives to Cartography. Brüssel, 27.-29. 6. 2007.

Brandner, E. On the syntax of verb-initial exclamatives. NORMS workshop on exclamatives, Tromsoe, 22.-23.10. 2007


Talks at SFB Workshops

Brandner, E. The syntax of affixes. "Workshop on affixes and clitics", January 2006

Bayer, J. & E. Brandner & U. Lutz. "Introduction to the workshop on short wh-words", Octobre 2007


Publications / Conference papers 2004-2006


Bayer, J. & E. Brandner (2004), Klitisiertes zu im Bairischen und Alemannischen. In: F. Patocka & P. Wiesinger (eds.), Morphologie und Syntax deutscher Dialekte und Historische Dialektologie des Deutschen. Wien: Edition Präsens. 160-188.

Brandner, Ellen (2006), Bare infinitives in Alemannic and the categorial status of infinitival complements. Linguistic Variation Yearbook 6:203-268. (ask for a copy)

Conference papers

Bayer/Brandner, Klitisiertes "zu" im Bairischen und Alemannischen, 1. Internationaler Dialektologenkongress der IDGG, Marburg, 5.-8.3.2003

Bayer/Brandner, Light Noun Raising in Alemannic and Bavarian Infinitives. 19th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop. Graduate Center, CUNY, New York City. 3-5 Juni 2004. paper

Brandner, E.  Microvariation within Germanic to-Infinitives. 20th Scandinvian conference on Linguistics, Helsinki, 7-9- 1. 2004. written version

Brandner, E. Interference effects and Microvariation. WOTS 8, ZAS, Berlin, August 2004 (invited talk)

Brandner, E. The syntax of Light Nouns. GLOW 2005, Geneva. April 2005 handout

Brandner, E  Patterns of Doubling in Alemannic. Edisyn Workshop, Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, March 2006. paper

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