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SFB 471 "Variation und Entwicklung im Lexikon"

Publikationen für Projekt A-22

Specification of Lexical Semantics through Discourse Relations

Abstract des Projekts: Deutsch / English

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Sammelband/Edited books

Butt, Miriam and Gillian Ramchand (2005). Building Complex Events in Hindi/Urdu. In N. Ertischik-Shir and T. Rapoport (eds.) The Syntax of Aspect. Oxford University Press. 117-153.

Publications in Proceedings

Tantos, Alexandros (2005). Lexical contribution to discourse interface and interpretation The case of Object-Experiencer modern Greek psych verbs. In Proceedings of Constraints in Discourse.

Tantos, Alexandros (2005). The lexical semantics of Greek psych verbs from a discourse perspective. In Proceedings of the third international postgraduate conference in Linguistics in Athens.

Tantos, Alexandros (2005). The light verb 'have' as a Discourse Active Element. In Proceedings of International Workshop of Computational Semantics 6 (IWCS6).

Tantos, Alexandros (2004b). The interface between lexical and discourse semantics: The case of the light verb 'have'. In Proceedings of Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2004 (CLIN2004), 217-233.

Tantos, Alexandros (2004a). Rhetorical relations in Verbal Eventual Representations? Evidence from Psych Verbs. In Proceedings of the Texas Linguistic Society 8 (TLS8), Online Cascadilla Press.

Butt, Miriam and Alexandros Tantos (2004). Lexical Semantics via Petri Nets. In On-line Proceedings of the LFG'O4 Conference, 122-139.

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