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Proceedings of the Konstanz Workshop "Reference and Anaphorical Relations"

Klaus von Heusinger & Urs Egli
November 1996


Urs Egli & Klaus von Heusinger

Reference and Representation

Paul Dekker

Quantification and Nominal Anaphora

Jaap van der Does

Anaphorical relations from Athens to Amsterdam

Urs Egli

The Reference of Indefinites

Klaus von Heusinger

Definiteness Effect: The Case of Russian

Elena Paducheva

Reference and Inference

Jaroslav Peregrin

An Externalist Account of Intentional Identity

Robert van Rooy & Ede Zimmermann

The Grammar of the Attitudes

Hartley Slater

Scope Ambiguities with Negative Quantifiers

Henriette de Swart

Choice Functions and the Scopal Semantics of Indefinites

Yoad Winter

Some Remarks on Choice Functions and LF-Movement

Arnim von Stechow



The research into the reference of linguistic expressions has a long tradition in logic, epistemology, linguistics and computer science. However, during the research in our project "Interaktion von Wort- und Satzsemantik" we realized that several aspects of reference in general and of anaphorical reference in particular are unsolved and controversial. Therefore, we invited researchers from various fields including semantics, logic, philosophy, mathematics and computer science to the workshop "Reference and Anaphorical Relation", which was held at the University of Konstanz in June 1996. The aim of this workshop was to investigate the nature of reference with particular attention to anaphorical relations from different approaches. We hope that this collection of papers reflects the inspiring talks and fruitful discussions at the workshop.

Four main issues were discussed: (i) the Stoic and scholastic treatment of reference and anaphora; (ii) the relation between linguistic expressions, their representations and their meanings; (iii) anaphorical expressions and their interaction with other operators and (iv) the representation of indefinite NPs with choice functions. The workshop formed the final part of our project, in which we investigated choice functions and their application in natural language semantics. More information about the project is available via internet.

This collection presents 11 papers from the 17 talks given at the workshop. The following participants delivered talks at the workshop which are not included here: Donka Farkas, Jeroen Groenendijk, Reinhard Hülsen, Reinhard Muskens, Stephen Neale and Aarne Ranta. We hope that we can present some of their talks in a sequel volume to this.

Finally, we would like to thank the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the University of Konstanz and the Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Universität Konstanz for financial support. We also want to thank Peter Gebert, Anja Koeder, Victor Linnemann and Martha Loewe for behind-the-scenes work. All participants agreed that we had a wonderful and productive time in Konstanz and we hope we will meet here soon again.


Konstanz, 27 November 1996

Urs Egli
Klaus von Heusinger

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