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Glottology or Linguistics is not "German" or "English" or "French"..., but more ...

Schülerstudium is a scheme for high school students who would like to take part in courses at Konstanz University while still at school. Any grades obtained can later go towards a relevant course of studies. Schülerstudium starts in winter term. Please ask for personal guidance on which courses can be taken. Your contact person is the Department Administrator:

General information on Schülerstudium is available here.

Study taster / "Schnupperstudium"

The Department of Linguistics would like to invite interested students to get a taste of studying linguistics by attending lectures and seminars as a visitor. Anyone interested in taking part in a study taster should contact Ms Kelling (Study Advisor), e-mail address: carmen.kelling(at)uni-konstanz.de for advice on which courses to choose before attending.
In principle, visitors can attend courses at any time during term. It is however recommended to attend courses at the start of term, i.e. end of October / beginning of November in the winter term and end of April / beginning of May in the summer term. Please contact the study advisor Carmen Kelling (carmen.kelling(at)uni-konstanz.de) at least two weeks before you would like to attend one or a number of courses as a visitor. The list of courses for the bachelor course of general linguistics is available here.
As you might be attending courses in the middle of term and possibly also ones aimed at advanced students you may find that some content might be rather challenging to follow. Please do not be discouraged by that! Students in such courses already have some prior knowledge and attend the course regularly. Even if you might not (be able to) understand everything, you may greatly benefit from visiting courses at Constance University: you will get an impression of what kind of issues the subject of linguistics looks at as well as of the atmosphere at university. Your experience during your time as a visitor at the university may also help you decide which subject to choose.
If after attending the courses you are interested in studying linguistics, please contact Ms Kelling who will be happy to help.

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