Universität Konstanz
Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft
SFB 471 "Variation und Entwicklung im Lexikon"

Funding Period 1st of January 1997 - 31st of December 2008







Project D-9

Phonological Patterns and Subregularities in the Lexicon


Project Abstract

This project will investigate the status of phonological regularities and subregularities in the lexicon in an attempt to develop a wider conception of lexical knowledge. The primary objective is to experimentally unveil representational differences in static vs. phonological regularities as they pertain to vowel harmony, and to evaluate the consequences of the findings for the nature of grammar and the lexicon. The languages to be studied are Hungarian and Turkish. First, electrophysiological experiments will be conducted to explore the way the human brain detects harmonic vs. disharmonic vowel sequences within roots and derived environments. Second, diachronic aspects of regular harmony and disharmony will be studied to identify potential factors that create vowel harmony and those that eventually contribute to its loss.


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