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Issue CXVII: March 2018

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Topics of this issue:

This is the 117th issue of the Newsletter published by the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz. It covers informations about the plans of the members of the department in March 2018 as well as short reports abut events, presentations, etc. in February 2018.

New to Konstanz

We welcome Sandy Ciroux at our department!
She has joined the department as a new PhD student in Sven Lauer's Emmy Noether group What is it to ask a question?. Sandy, who joins us from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, will work on the semantics and pragmatics of rhetorical questions.

Visiting Konstanz

Prof. Kjell Johan Sæbø (Universitetet i Oslo) is visiting the department from February 22nd to March 7th under the auspices of the Mentorship Programme of the Zukunftskolleg. To set up a meeting with Prof. Sæbø during this time, send an email to Sven Lauer.

Events at/by the Department

in March

On March 5th at 15:00 Jennifer Arnold will give a special edition of her DGfS talk: "Is prosody an intentional signal of information structure?"

From March 20th to 23rd Caroline Féry (Goethe-University Frankfurt) will give a Blockseminar on intonation and prosodic structure for PhD students.

in February

On February 1st, Emily Hanink gave a talk on "Like, hedging and mirativity. A unified account".

Lelia Glass gave a talk on "Postsuppositions block pragmatic inferences: Evidence from the Mandarin belief verb yiwei" in the 'SuP meeting on February 12th.

Marieke Einfeldt, Katharina Kaiser and Carmen Widera were organizing a conference for young academics in Romance linguistics called LIMES. It took place on February 23rd and 24th in Konstanz. For the programme visit the conference website.

Department and Research Colloquium in February

01.02.Katharina Kaiser & Ramona Wallner: ‘Et tu fais quoi dans ce projet ?’ – Wh-in-situ questions in French (and Portuguese)
08.02. at 09:09Georg Kaiser: Ja, (was wäre) wenn der ganze Bodesee ...’ – Kontrafaktisches mit postfaktischen Konsequenzen. Ein Faktencheck anhand alemannischer Dichtkunst.
15.02.Simon Dold: Basque-Spanish Langauge Contact, an empirical study on word order in interrogatives
Mariya Kharaman: Distinctive features in the brain: Evidence from MEG and EEG studies

Conferences, Workshops and Presentations

in March
  • The following members of the department will present at the 40. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft in Stuttgart from March 7th to 9th.
    • Andrea Beltrama was invited to give a talk on "Subjective assertions and inquisitiveness: a hybrid speech act?" in AG 3.
    • Ryan Bochnak (with co-author Martina Martinovic of the University of Florida) will be presenting "Unifying the many readings of Wolof imperfective di" in AG 4.
    • Josef Bayer and Martin Salzmann will give a talk on "That-trace effects without traces: in favor of a phonological EPP" in AG 6.
    • Sven Lauer and Sunwoo Jeong will give a talk on "The functional heterogeneity of interrogatives: An optimistic approach" in AG 7.
    • Mark-Matthias Zymla will present on "Linguistic Variation in the Realization of Rhetorical Questions — Providing Semantics and Pragmatics for German RQs" in AG 7 and he will present a poster with the title "Storing and Visualizing Semantic Annotation for Treebank Applications".
    • Georg Kaiser and Katharina Kaiser will give a talk with the title "What parallel texts can tell us about word order variation and change. A case study on wh-interrogatives in Romance" in AG 7.
    • And Farhat Jabeen and Miriam Butt will talk about "Word Order and Question Type: A Corpus Analysis of Bollywood Scripts" in AG 7.
    • Doris Penka will give a talk on "The Degree Proform so in German" in AG 8.
    • Alexandra Rehn will give a talk with the title "Loss, Optionality and Free Variation of Categories" in AG 9. She will also be the speaker of the DGfS-Doktorandenforum with the topic "Standardsprache vs. Dialekte/ Gesprochene Sprache als Untersuchungsgegenstand für die Linguistik".
    • Eva Csipak will give a talk on "Conditionalizing referential uses of definite descriptions" in AG 15.
  • Andreas Trotzke will give a talk on "Syntactic explorations into the expressive dimension" at UPF Barcelona on March 8th.

in February
  • Erkam Ekinci gave a talk on his dissertation project "Academic Language in the Multilingual Classroom" at the Young Researchers Workshop in Cologne on February 6th.
  • Constantin Freitag presented a poster entitled "Intervention effects in NPI-environments: A case of scope incompatibility?", and together with Yvonne Viesel another poster with the title "On the application of multiple discourse particles in rhetorical questions" at the Linguistic Evidence in Tübingen (February 15th to 17th).
  • Georg A. Kaiser, Katharina Kaiser und Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli gave a presentation with the title “Word order change in Romance interrogatives. Implications from a parallel text analysis of Bible translations” at the Workshop Parallel text analysis in diachronic research in Marburg on February 22th .


Regine Eckardt will spend a month at The Hebrew University at Jerusalem from March 17th to April 16th. She was awarded a Mandel Senior Fellowship, which allows international scholars to lecture at the university on special topics. Her course deals with diachronic semantics in grammaticalization.

More News

Andreas Trotzke has joined the editorial board of the newly established John Benjamins journal "Evolutionary Linguistic Theory".

Andreas Trotzke has been awarded a mobility grant by "The Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN)" to cover a two-week research visit at Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona (host: Louise McNally) and he has also been granted a new AFF project on "Modern Linguistics & Language Didactics." Our warmest congratulations!
Part of this project will be a workshop organized together with Tanja Kupisch on March 15th and 16th. Invited speakers are: Sandra Döring (Leipzig), Daniela Elsner (Leipzig), Thomas Shaw Rankin (Vienna), Björn Rothstein (Bochum), Roumyana Slabakova (Southampton), Markus Steinbach (Göttingen), and Angelika Wöllstein (Mannheim); see the workshop-website for full program and further information.

Publications by Members of the Department

  • Bayer, Josef. 2018. Reparatur in der Grammatik. Anmerkungen zum Sprachdesign. In: Elisabeth Leiss & Sonja Zeman (eds.), Die Zukunft von Grammatik - die Grammatik der Zukunft. Festschrift für Werner Abraham anlässlich seines 80. Geburtstags. Tübingen: Stauffenburg. 51-74.
  • Czypionka, Anna & Carsten Eulitz. to appear. Lexical case marking affects the processing of animacy in simple verbs, but not particle verbs: evidence from event-related potentials. Glossa.
  • Blaszczak, Joanna, Anna Czypionka, & Dorota Klimek-Jankowska. to appear. Why are verbal nouns more verbal than finite verbs? New insights into the interpretation of the P200 verbal signature. Glossa.
  • Weber, Talina, Muna Schönhuber & Janet Grijzenhout. 2018. The prosody of yes/no-questions in German first language acquisition. In Proceedings of the Conference on Phonetics & Phonology in German-speaking countries (P&P 13), Berlin, access

Acquisitions of the Library

Bernárdez, Enrique: Viaje Lingüístico por el Mundo
Filipovic, Luna: Endangered Languages and Languages in Danger
Frajzyngier, Zygmunt: Role of Functions in Syntax
Givón, Talmy: Story of Zero
Goody, Esther N.: Questions and Politeness
Kaiser, Georg A.: Philologie und Grammatik
Lestrade, Sander: Linguistics in the Netherlands 2017. 48th annual conference of the Linguistic Society of the Netherlands, Utrecht, 4th february, 2017
Pahta, Päivi: Multilingual Practices in Language History
Shyldkrot, Hava Bat-Zeev: Subordonnants et Aubordination à Travers les Langues
Westermann, Gert: Early Word Learning

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